Summer Worship Services Podcasts

By | May 1, 2012

Summer Season

Southern Hemisphere: Winter Calendar Holidays

Podcast worship services created for Temple of Fortuna, with guest speakers and musicians.
* Podcasts, and permissioned music in the podcasts, are protected by copyright *
Listen online, please do not copy or download podcasts. If you like the contributors, we encourage you to visit their weblinks.

Beltane, Floralia and Celebrations of Fertility * program

The Buddha Connection and Fortuna-Hariti * program

Sun Sign Taurus and Pagan Pantheons * program

The Hawthorn Moon * program

Day of Fortuna Publica Primigenia * program

Sun Sign Gemini and Incense * program

Fortuna Virilis and Fortuna Virginalis * program

The Oak Moon * program

Day of Fors Fortuna * program

Sun Sign Moon Child and Levels of Being * program

Day of Fortuna Muliebris Part I * program

Day of Fortuna Muliebris Part II * program

The Holly Moon and Dreams * program

Day of Fortuna Huiusce Diei * program