Spring Worship Services Podcasts

By | February 1, 2014

Spring Season Podcasts

Southern Hemisphere: Autumn Calendar Holidays

Podcast worship services created for Temple of Fortuna, with guest speakers and musicians.
* Podcasts, and permissioned music in the podcasts, are protected by copyright *
Listen online, please do not copy or download podcasts. If you like the contributors, we encourage you to visit their weblinks.

Day of Celtic Goddess Brigid Version I * program

Day of Celtic Goddess Brigid Version II * program

The Celtic Rowan Moon and the Celtic Goddess Brigid * program

The Topic of Love and Tyche-Fortuna-Venus * program

Sun Sign Pisces and Herbs * program

The Ash Moon and Ceremonial Arts * program

An Irish Celebration and Wicca * program

Equinox of Spring * program

Sun Sign Aries and the Alder Moon * program

Day of Fortuna Virilis, the Veneralia, Concordia and Pax * program

Day of Fortuna Publica * program

Ceremonial Tools and Regalia * program

The Willow Moon and the Tarot * program

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