Important Notice to Subscribers

By | June 4, 2017


The main website is at!

We are in the process of relocating blog posts to a different platform. If you are looking for a page or a post and it’s not here, check with the main website by clicking:
which will take you to

or copy and paste into your browser:

The extensive format of this Website May be Discontinued, due to to unforeseen circumstances.

Podcasts of Worship Services for most of Temple of Fortuna dot com holidays are expected to be available at Podomatic.

Over the past couple of months, candles and incense have been lit on Sunday mornings, as has been done since 2009, and those energies have recently been put into cleaning up the coding and formatting within the private posts in the Temple Sanctuary. Those of you who are subscribers may have noticed. The posts contain transcriptions and graphics, in addition to the publicly available content for the Temple’s recorded Sunday worship services.

A little background as to why this seems appropriate:

The original blogging platform used to create the website at GoDaddy was discontinued, and the blog information did not transfer cleanly to wordpress as was promised, with lots of graphics and audio needing to be re-uploaded and re-linked. Professional website creation has not been in the budget, and the website continues to be maintained on a volunteer basis. Recently an effort has been made to clean up the coding and format of the private posts, one week at a time, because we’ve had visitors to the Sanctuary. A year or so had been estimated for volunteer effort in completing this task.

Last year, the website was hacked. A dozen or so main pages were rebuilt on the blog subdomain, At the time, thanks was given that the sanctuary/blog was still clean.

Now Google recently informs that something new seems to be going on…at the same time as cleanup…starting about a month ago. It appears the sanctuary/blog, which contains over 200 posts, may have issues. This afternoon an attempt will be made to restore a backup from before the issues started, and then a system developed to quickly rebuild the clean posts worked on over the last month.

Needless to say, permanently security blocks have been placed, and will continue to be placed on everyone who’s been temporary blocked from the website, for security reasons. Posts are not open for comments, for the same reason.

Temple of Fortuna dot com’s social networking group is open to the public, and comments are welcome at the facebook group. ( If you’re a subscriber to the Temple Organization, and you get locked out of the website, send a message through the contact link, or through the facebook group, and we’ll get things worked out. Your password is entered on the individual articles. There is never a reason for a subscriber to try to log into the website.

And, if the website goes down, then you have a decision to make: Is it worth subscribing to the organization for the spiritual affiliation, or maybe for the tax exemption? Or is it the private content on the website, which may be discontinued, the reason for your monthly investment?

Subscribers need to make their own decisions about whether to keep the subscription, or let it go. There is a possibility that this website may be discontinued. Unless there is more help keeping it up and running, without issues from Google, and with a method to keep on top of this, in a way that costs very little time.

If not, then there is a strong possibility that the Temple of Fortuna dot com website may go the way of countless other websites that no longer exist.

The word “Sanctuary” has a meaning.
According to google search:
“1. a place of refuge or safety.”

If the website Sanctuary is broken into,
then it does not live up to its name,
and it does not fulfill its purpose.

Without a purpose,
Is there any valid reason
for it’s existence online?

The organization itself continues to be highly secure, and positions for board members continue to be available every year, as well as consideration for the permanent positions like treasurer and secretary.

These are unpaid/unfunded positions, and people haven’t been knocking at the door to to qualify for them; however, IRS USA approved the tax exempt status nearly a decade before the writing of this post. Even with very little money coming into and out of the coffers, and possibly without a website in its present form, it seems likely that the organization as a corporate entity will continue to stay afloat.

Amidst concerns over the website situation, among other reasons, the CEO/Religious Leader has to put some of her writings about the Goddess Fortuna into a physical book that may be put on a book shelf, in the absence of a website, as well as an e-book. The organization does not make money on the book.  The book has been, and is expected to continue to be, a separate publication representing the work of an individual writer and not Temple of Fortuna dot com. Referenced, herewith, as an additional resource that is complementary to the values expressed within this website.

Much of the information on this website is in the public domain, from websites that continue to flourish as well as websites that have disappeared. Information is all over the internet, and more information about the Goddess Fortuna seems to be available than in 2009 when this website first made its appearance. Perhaps this is a sign that the online work has been accomplished.

In contrast to other organizations, which are more than happy to have a website as their only address, a physical location for the organization; one that is open to the public and located in a commercial zone that supports a religious organization, is a goal worth considering.

In closing, it does not appear to be overwhelmingly important whether this website continues or goes down. The website is a minor issue. All people who want to help maintain this website and keep it available to the public are welcome to send a message to that effect through the contact link, or through the facebook group.

Final decisions regarding direction for the Organization will be decided by the board of directors at the annual meeting in November.