Help Temple of Fortuna Ordain Ministers

By | May 22, 2014

Help Temple of Fortuna Ordain Ministers

Founded and incorporated in the State of California, Temple of Fortuna dot com is a NeoPagan Religious Public Charity that offers weekly worship services to an internet congregation as a celebration of international spiritual diversity.

At this time, Temple of Fortuna does not ordain ministers, and her leadership must rely on outside organizations when seeking ordainment. As a religious public charity with its own liturgy of worship services, it just makes sense for Temple of Fortuna to ordain her own ministers.

Giving and Receiving

Temple of Fortuna needs funding to cover the costs involved in requesting consideration from government decision-makers to legally ordain its ministers. These costs may include texts, training, software, editing, photocopying, postage, and/or submittal fees.

The first step is getting educated on the process; taking classes or training in how to create the ordainment program. The next step is to apply what we’ve learned and then deal with all the paperwork. The final step is to send out a submittal package to the regulatory agencies for their blessings.

Contributions may be tax deductible donations.

Additional perks may be edited into this campaign along the way, check back with us often! 

Why is this important?

Paganism is one of the fastest growing and most varied new religions in the world. In comparison, the growth of different types of Pagan organizations that ordain ministers is lagging behind. Pagans who wish to perform weddings and act as ministers have been known to get ordained through a nondenominational organization instead of a Pagan Temple. Your contribution will help make a difference.

Other things you can do

If you can’t contribute, you can still help:

  • Get the word out, share this campaign on social networking.
  • Share with crowdfunding tools.

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