Annual California state filing for the organization

By | November 6, 2016

Temple of Fortuna dot com is not a church. The organization is a public charity, and files annually to the State of California Franchise Tax Board (FTB). The information in this article is current as of the date of first publishing, but be sure to check on the most recent updates to websites and regulations.

The basic form required for Non-Profits is 199, with 199N option.

Temple of Fortuna dot com has been a small tax-exempt organization that made $50,000 or less (average for current year and immediately preceding 2 years), and has not been a church or established religious order (such as Franciscan Friars or Sisters of Charity). An electronic notice has been filed through website.  Check to be sure which form is required for the annual income and year you’re filing for. The e-filing form that has been used is been Form 199N (e-Postcard).

Make a copy of the filing receipt page before closing the website from your browser! 
This can be by print screen and paste, by printing and scanning, by .pdf or any other method that may be shared by mail, email and website upload.

This is the information needed:

  1. Entity ID number or California Corporation number: 3264011 or search this website
  2. Entity name of the organization: Temple of Fortuna dot com
  3. Federal employer identification number: 27-0571464 Without Dashes: 270571464 or search this website
  4. Account period beginning and ending (also known as your tax period / tax year): Temple of Fortuna dot com fiscal year began November 1 of the previous year and ends October 31 of the current year
  5. If your account period changed: No. (This would require a board decision, and would probably require filing corporate paperwork to several government agencies, in addition to annual the tax filings.)
  6. Entity’s mailing address: search this website for the most current information
  7. Any other names the organization uses (doing business as or DBA name): not applicable at time of first publishing, search this website for the most current information
  8. Name and address of a principal officer: search this website for the most current information
  9. Website address, if applicable: this has been optional
  10. Entity’s amount of total gross receipts (in 2016 the gross receipts would be normally $25,000 or less to file Form 199N, check the website for current requirements): Total gross receipts are income before any expenses are deducted. This can be calculated any way you like, as long as it’s accurate. I like to use a spreadsheet similar to the one pictured below. Be sure to look at every month from the previous November 1 to October 31 of the year of this submittal. Be sure to look at all bank accounts, including physical banking and PayPal.
  11. If the organization terminated or went out of business, if applicable: hopefully, this will never happen.
  12. If the entity started business within the current account period: no
  13. Is this an amended return: usually no, unless there is a correction to a previous filing
  14. Do you have a IRS Form 1023/1024 pending: no, Temple of Fortuna dot com completed this filing before becoming a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.
  15. Contact person’s name and telephone number: the person who is filing on behalf of Temple of Fortuna dot com.