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The Anonymous

The Anonymous are people who create; who write books, publish websites, and who created statues, altars and temples in ancient times. These are also people who receive; who read, search online and in the libraries, appreciate, visit and share the remarkable stories and history of the Goddess Fortuna. These are people whom we rarely meet, although we wish we could. The Anonymous are influences appreciated from afar.

The Artists and Speakers

The Artists and Speakers are people who create for the purpose of sharing; who write songs, perform music, draw, paint or sculpt. These are also people who are ready, willing and able to share of their talents; who help create podcasts, give artwork permissions, and speak through the shining light of their presence. The Artists and Speakers are people whose voices, talents, visions and ideals bring the mission of the Temple to life.

The Donors and Subscribers

The Donors and Subscribers are people who give; who have a paid subscription or give financial donations to the organization. These are also people who give in other ways; artists who send interesting books or cds they have written or recorded,  who send wonderful original artwork, and generous supplies to be used in rituals. The Donors and Subscribers are people who give financially and with tangible gifts of abundance.

The Encouragers and Advisors

The Encouragers and Advisors are people who assist; people who are legal advisors, technical support, educators and experienced leaders of organizations. These are also the people on social networking, and many people who have already attuned to and tuned into the Worship Services Podcasts. The Encouragers and Advisors are people who are willing to listen and who are there for us in so many different ways when we need them.

The Founder and Board of Directors

The Founder and Board of Directors are people who work; people who learn to understand the nuts and bolts of how to create an organization and keep it afloat. These are also people who want to be a board member, who are elected for a year, or who stay as long as they are needed. The Founder and Board of Directors are people with strong beliefs who are willing to do whatever it takes, for however long it takes to provide stability for the organization.

Temple of Fortuna dot com

Expresses gratitude to all of Her people, who work, assist, give, share and create.

Robert M. Place

E. Sylvia Simpson

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Temple of Fortuna dot com is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity in the United States of America. International subscriptions welcome.

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