Inviting all priestesses and priests of the Goddess!

By | September 6, 2009
Inviting all priestesses and priests of the Goddess!

We are providing a regular church-style worship service for Our Goddess Fortuna. Many of our listeners use the archived show, which allows our congregation to attend worship services at a convenient time from the privacy of the home.Our worship service program is available every sunday at our website blog, between 1/2 hour to 1 hour before the show is broadcast. Our membership is encouraged to post comments on the blog after the worship service, to network and get to know each other, just like at church! Visit our website for information on how you can join our membership.Our religious leader is ordained clergy (me), and we include a Latin history lesson from our temple historian (who is in college) in every service. It is our hope to increase the number of our regular congregation of listeners, and our website membership, with a Sunday afternoon worship service every week. We welcome you to listen and invite your friends.


If you are shy, you are invited and most welcome to listen as a subscriber.


If you are Not shy, and want to be a part of our worship services as either a guest or a regular part of the show, or want us to play your original Pagan or new-age music, you are also welcome! We will be sure to include you in the credits for every show in which you participate.

For the convenience of our contributors, we will receive podcasts by email, and replay them on the show. This will allow you to keep your sundays free for other activities, while still participating in our worship services.

We will consider all people who want to speak on their goddess, with preference for Priestesses and Priests who actively worship either as a group leader, a member of a group or a solitary. Any thought you may give for how your deity may syncretize with our Goddess will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance, I look forward to meeting you!

Graphic by Magickal Graphics
based on a photograph by Mama Fortuna


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