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Status of Fictitious Business Name Statement ( not required )

Temple of Fortuna dot com was approved by the IRS as a tax-exempt public charity in November 2009 Temple of Fortuna dot com is the officially registered name of the orgaization, which does business under the name stated in its articles of incorporation. Definition Of A Fictitious Business Name (Business and Professions Code 17900) Corporations: Any name other than the corporate name… Read More »

Modification of Bylaws

Modification of Bylaws 2011 The bylaws were modified on February 3, 2011 by vote of board of directors to include email as a valid method of giving notice for special meetings. Section 9 was modified as follows:  Regular meetings of the board may be held without notice. Special meetings of the board shall be held upon four (4) days’ notice by first-class… Read More »

State of California Franchise Tax Board approval letter for state tax exemption

State of California Franchise Tax Board 3500A Application for reciprocal exemption

Internal Revenue Service exemption under section 501 (c) (3) letter

San Bernardino County Approvals

  Website and non-premisis payments approved as HOP Class I, no permit required. Incidental uses of the space not determined as business use, no permit required. Supporting documentation for these determinations: Conversation with San Bernardino County personnel in HOP and Land Use Services Departments on August 19, 2010 regarding weekend use of space for occasional weddings and similar celebrations, and regular study… Read More »

Articles of Incorporation

Certified Copy of the Articles   * * * * *       Text of the Articles * * * * *  Articles of Incorporation of Temple of Fortuna Dot Com A California Religious Corporation ONE: The name of this corporation is Temple of Fortuna Dot Com. TWO: This Corporation is a religious corporation and is not… Read More »


Bylaws of Temple of Fortuna Dot Com A California Religious Corporation   ARTICLE 1 OFFICES SECTION 1. PRINCIPAL OFFICE The principal office of the corporation for the transaction of its business is located in San Bernardino County, California. SECTION 2. CHANGE OF ADDRESS The county of the corporation’s principal office can be changed only by amendment of these… Read More »

California Corporation Entity ID Number


Filing of Fictitious Business Name Statement Prior to Incorporation

FBN Number 20090010530   Temple of Fortuna Dot Com Temple of Fortuna   State of California County of San Bernardino   Original Filed with County Clerk Hall of Records San Bernardino County September 29,2009

IRS Employer Identification Number

IRS   EIN 27-0571464 Without Dashes: 270571464