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By | November 3, 2009

How did I start a nonprofit?

I asked an attorney for advice … where do I start? He suggestedI go to because, although I have a legal service plan that allows me to get legal assistance inexpensively, it’s beyond the scope of the program to have an attorney actually write the documents and oversee everything pertaining to the organization. What a luxury that would have been ! !

Here are the courses and resources I found helpful.

Book and CD from Nolo

I used How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation in California by Attorney Anthony Mancuso, book and cd rom, published by Nolo. Of course, this particular book was appropriate because the organization is headquartered in the State of California USA. I purchased the book directly from the Nolo website; however purchasing through the link below may also help the Temple.

IRS Courses

There were a number of free courses available from the Internal Revenue Service in 2009 when I was researching how to create the organization. I took all the courses I noticed were available at the time, the certificates for which are posted below. Later, I noticed even more information and courses than I could possibly imagine had become available at and 

These are the certificates for all the IRS courses I took in 2009, before the organization was approved as tax exempt:


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