Minutes of Annual Board Meeting for Fiscal Year 2011 to 2012

By | November 2, 2011

Minutes for Second Annual Board Meeting Held in November 2011 for Fiscal Year 2011 to 2012

Invited: Deborah Hann, GiannCarlo Campanola, Mama Fortuna, Morganne Baum, Robert Place

In Attendance: Deborah Hann, Mama Fortuna, Morganne Baum, Robert Place


1. Call to Order

2. Goal: 5 new members this year

3. Treasurer’s report: Three separate accounts for the organization: PayPal linked to Checking and Savings at US Bank. $10 lent to organization to start US Bank accounts was reimbursed following three small donations of $5 each from several board members ( reduced to slightly less due to PayPal fees ) some small income from affiliates ( related to organization’s mission and therefore not taxable as income ) $20 payment to state of California for corporate information statement. Final balance less than $20

4. New affiliates: iGive, Paradise Music, Marveena, Natural Fertility Info, Amazon

5. Introduce prospective board members: Morganne Baum

6. Vote in members: Morganne Baum

7. Introduce proposed ordination program: ordination discussed favorably, education discussed at length, bylaws, resubmittal

8. Vote on proposed ordination program: needed more clarification, make decisions by email to prepare to vote, Sylvia to send out google documents for review and comments around March 2012 reconnect call one mid-year meeting sometime in 2012. 

9. Sharing fortunate changes from the last year. Bob shared indiegogo, Morganne shared kickstart & sweet/sad story about healing, Sylvia shared YouTube length gifts.

10. Adjourn

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