Monthly Archives: February 2014

Invocation to the Goddess Fortuna

This is the invocation from the Temple rituals. It is shared as a guideline for personal invocations, and may also be adapted for use by groups. Keep in mind that the Goddess Fortuna was honored in many ways by people of many different statuses in life, and that She is, perhaps, one of the most forgiving and understanding… Read More »

Spring Worship Services Podcasts

Spring Season Podcasts Southern Hemisphere: Autumn Calendar Holidays Podcast worship services created for Temple of Fortuna, with guest speakers and musicians. * Podcasts, and permissioned music in the podcasts, are protected by copyright * Listen online, please do not copy or download podcasts. If you like the contributors, we encourage you to visit their weblinks. Day of Celtic Goddess Brigid Version I * program… Read More »